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Sunday, May 2

Ryley - 6 Months

I swear it was just yesterday that Ryley was born. But no, we are already on month 6! Holy moly! He is bigger & cuter than ever. For Ry's 3 month pictures he was sick. We did a redo when we thought he was better but no he was still sick. Poor guy. So I didn't get very many smiles out of the boy. This time was a completely different story. He smiled just about the entire time. Everything made him laugh too. A stick with leaves seemed to be his favorite & his laugh made me crack up. His hair is now all fuzzy & oh I just wanted to eat his chunk cheeks. Big sister Gabby was there for pictures too. 9 year old Gabs really made me work to get her to smile. Gotta love her though. Girl is so pretty just like her mama!!


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