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Thursday, January 10

Minneapolis, MN Family & Kids Photographer { The Anderson Family }

Wednesday, November 7

I Heart Faces - Orange

This weeks theme over at I Heart Faces is Orange. I haven't been able to participate in a while because I have been so busy, but when I saw orange, I knew I  had to make time! I had the most perfect image!

Photo Challenge Submission

Fall is my favorite. Babies are my favorite. Pumpkins are my favorite. There is so much favorite in this image I can barely contain myself!

Friday, October 12

Oreo Cookie Turkeys

I make these every Thanksgiving. I started in early 2000's when I was in high school and have been making them every year since. Now that I am a mom I can involve my kids in the making of these fabulous Turkeys! They are a hit for kids and adults. It's a nice alternative to pie! Or, if you are like me, in addition to the pie. ;) They are also awesome for those Vegetarians, they can eat Turkey on Thanksgiving now! ;)

I get emails everyday asking how to make these cute little cookies. I put this together so have fun!

What you need:

9 Candy Corn
2 Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies
1 Whopper
1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
1 Tube of black piping gel
1 tube of white icing
1 Yellow and red food coloring
1 Yellow and red food coloring
1 plastic Ziploc bag
1 sharp knife
1 pair of scissors
1 bowl

Put your Peanut Butter Cups in the fridge to cool & harden. If you have cold hard chocolate to work with it makes it a lot easier.

Squeeze some of the white icing into a bowl. This will be your orange. Mix red and yellow food coloring with the icing to create your desired orange. Then put that into a plastic bag and set it aside for later.

Do the same with the frosting & make red. That will be for the little gobbler.

First you will be creating the tail using 1 Oreo cookie and 6 Candy Corns. Gently, pull one Oreo Cookie apart & don't break it. If it breaks, eat it & start over. That is the best thing about making these! Put a good amount of icing in between the two sides. This will help the Candy Corn stay. Place 6 Candy Corn (white side down) in between the cookie.

Take your white icing and squeeze a generous amount onto the top back of an Oreo cookie. Take the other Oreo and put the bottom into the icing to have it stand up. If it doesn't stand, add more icing! Once you have it stand put it up against something so it doesn't fall until the icing is dry. I use a thick book.

Remove your Peanut Butter Cup from the fridge. Take your knife and cut off the very bottom so you have a flat surface. Put icing on the bottom of it the bigger flat. Bump it up against the bottom and back of your Oreo cookies. See picture.

Next take your Whopper and squeeze more icing on it on one side. Place the whopper on top of the Peanut Butter Cup to make your head.

Before you start with the face put some white frosting on the backside of two pieces of candy corn for the wings.

Find a piece of Candy Corn that has a nice big white end. Using your sharp knife cut the color off leaving you with the white end. Place some icing on it and stick it on your whopper as the beak to your Oreo Turkey. Hold for a moment.

After the nose is in place squeeze a little bit of red under the nose for the gobbler.

Take your icing and place two white dots as eyes. Get your tube of black piping gel and place a black dot on each eye to make them come alive.

Grab your bag of already created orange. Cut a very small hold in the corner of the bag. Now, pipe feet.

Now you are done! It is that simple!!

Thursday, October 4

I love fall & babies!

Before I start blogging my bum off I wanted to share a few fall baby photos that I did recently! Fall & babies are just about my two favorite things in the whole wide world! I could spend all day everyday with babies.

Saturday, September 15

Minneapolis, MN Engagement Photographer { Allison & Andy }

St. Paul, MN Family & Kids Photographer { Seth & Sam }

St. Paul, MN Kid Photographer { Kira }

St. Paul, MN Kid Photographer { Issac }

Thursday, August 23

Fridley, MN Newborn Photographer { Olivia }