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Wednesday, September 15

Cayla - Senior

I have known Cayla since she was little. REALLY little. She grew up next door to my grandma. When my grandma moved my dad bought her house. Although Cayla is 8 years younger than me her sister, and the neighbors next door, were closer in age to me & we just all played together. Ever summer was a blast! We lost touch when they moved but because of Facebook we reconnected again. Cayla is a budding photographer so it was fun to talk camera after her session. I could do that all day! She has also grow up a lot! Not a little girl anymore that is for sure! She looks like an adult! It really freaks me out! I forget sometimes that people do grow up!!!!!! She looks beautiful none of the less & we had a blast the entire shoot!

Ben - Senior

Ben is my cousin. The fact that he is a Senior already, scares me. Most of my memories of Ben were when he was a little kid with a shaved head. lol He was tiny. Now, he has a lot of hair & a giant. lol Oh how things have changed. Like most guys I have photographed in the past, Ben really wasn't looking forward to getting his pictures taken. But, we made it work. We walked around downtown St. Paul hitting up cool locations & trying to make it as fun for him as we could. At the end his mom (my aunt) brought their dog for a few pictures. Lucky is a HUGE dog with the goofiest ears ever. Reminds me of a cartoon! lol

Monday, September 13

Milbrandt Family

The Milbrandt's are the cutest family!!! Mom & dad are adorable together. And the girls are just as cute as can be! Big sister was such a ham! Tons of smiles & was ready & willing to pose! Little sister was a DIVA! Some of the poses she did just killed me! The shoot was a like a day off because they were so fun!!! It was really hard to pick my favorites with this bunch!

Sophie - Cutest Kid Contest Winner

I met up with little Sophie & family to do her photoshoot she won over on our Facebook page. Sophie is just a peanut. Just a tiny little thing! Cute as a button too! It took her a while, and 2 coins to warm up to me. She wasn't really into getting her pictures taken but girl is SO cute that even with no smiles she looked like an angel. Girls like her make me want 10 more kids!

Thursday, September 9

My Brothers!

Something you may not know about me is that I have 3 brothers. 2 of which are "babies", at least to me! Tyler was born my Junior year of High School & Wyatt was born when I was in college. Both of them are now in Elementary school which freaks me out & makes me feel old! HA! Well, over the weekend I took my fam over to my dads house for dinner. Brought my gear along & did a little shoot with the boys. Surprisingly this was my 1st actual shoot with them. I have done random pictures but nothing so "formal" as I guess you could call it. My littlest brother Wyatt is a quiet little guy who gives just the tiniest little smirks. I know once he hits High School he will be chasing women away with a stick. He is one handsome little guy. My middle brother is Tyler. He pretty much made me laugh the entire shoot because he would make the oddest faces when he would smile! This was also his 1st faux hawk & it rocked! At the end I had to throw my little ones in there too! One day I want to get our oldest brother in there (who is still younger than me) so we can have a siblings picture!!

Tuesday, September 7


Julia is my neighbor. Her mom, Jodi, & I have been talking about doing a little shoot with Julia for a while now. Her daddy wanted something in a field. I knew the PERFECT one that was right behind my mom house where I grew up. Even better is that it's only less than 10 minutes from our houses. I love when things are so convenient. This was so last minute. The weather was perfect. Overcast & just a bit chill. We did get a tiny bit of rain but I'd rather deal with that than sun! Julia has so much personality in her little tiny body it's ridiculous! She made the best faces & it was SO hard to pick my favorites!!

Monday, September 6

Coopet Photography's Summer Minis!

About a week ago we had the Summer Mini's! A little late but it was still summer so we can still count it right? hehe The turn out was great & we had a ton of great sessions! It was so hard to pick my faves! We had maternity, families, little kids, big kids, babies, engagement, Senior & even a group of 6 very beauitful sisters!