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Sunday, February 20

Minneapolis, MN Tween Photographer { Cam is 10! }

If you are really lucky, you will find that one friend that once you meet them, you know you will be friends for life. A friend that likes the same things as you, laughs at the same silly stuff that you do...someone that just gets you. I was lucky enough to meet this person. I have many friends, but there is no one like Angel. Her name says it all, she is an Angel. This weekend wasn't a good one for me. This very special Angel, saved me and me happy. My very amazing friend Angel, has a very amazing daughter, Cam. She is bright, bubbly & I dare you to find anyone sweeter than her. Just us girls ventured off this VERY snowy day to the Walker Art Center for Cam's 10 year pictures! Cam is having a birthday party next month & it's going to be a PJ party so we brought some props & put Cam in her jams for pictures for her invite. Can't lie, I am really excited for her party. Angel & I (along with my daughter) are doing a sleep over & I am doing a photo station at the party. How fun right?! The shoot was a blast. We laughed so much & at every other photo, Angel would squeal because she loves photography just as much as I do and was loving these images. I couldn't WAIT to get started on them. I am having the hardest time picking my favorites! I really wanted to post ALL the pictures!

Minneapolis, MN Family Photography { Phillip, Heather & Kaleb }

Kaleb is two & mommy is pregnant so of course there would be a photoshoot! Kaleb doesn't like my camera, and he hasn't since birth, so we never get a smile out of him. lol But, he does look mighty cute with a little somber face! He is a peanut & just as cute as can be! Heather is due in about a month & doesn't she look fabulous, and wearing regular jeans no less. Yes ladies, it is time to be jealous! Kaleb's actual birthday is today so.....


Now onto the pictures!

Saturday, February 19

Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer { LeRessa & Family }

Sunday, February 6

Minneapolis, MN Kids Photographer { The Wyant Kids }

I adore this family to bits. I look so forward to photographing them. They are insanely crazy but I can't get enough of them. Addie & Danny celebrated their 4th Birthday on Saturday so it was time for pictures. Along with big brother Tommy, who is a great model, we all headed to the Guthrie to take some pictures. We stayed in my favorite spot the entire time & got some awesome shots. These kids are a blast & I always leave smiling. I love them!

Minneapolis, MN Kids Photographer { Ellie - 6 Months }

Thursday, February 3

Minneapolis, MN Famliy Photographer { Elissa, Oliver & Lucy...and Mom too! }

These kids are awesome. All so cute & it was so much fun to work with them! Check out the dresses that mom made of the girls. Are they to die for or what?!