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Monday, June 21

Matthew - 2 Years Old

I always say "It is such a small world!" and this shoot totally proved it! Mom worked at my high school & dad worked at my Elementary school! How small of a world is that?! It was fun to talk about the past & see who still works at Golden Lake. Not to mention my little cutie that I got to photograph. Little Matthew is oh so adorable. So clam & so easy to photograph. Really, he was a photographers dream child. I just wanted to squeeze him & take him home with me. He wasn't too keen on that idea though. haha

Saturday, June 19

I am officially an Auntie!!!

My brother has his baby on Thursday night. I couldn't be happier!! I went to visit early this morning before my wedding. Of course I came  home, edited some pictures for Facebook & had to make a quick announcement until I do the official newborn shoot!

Congrats Steven & Steff! I am so happy for you guys!!

Thursday, June 17

Wanna see the cutest cat ever?

I am normally not a cat person. I like cats, but they are just cats. I like dogs. But, my girlfriend came home with a cat the other day. I couldn't resist!

Baby Jaguar totally makes me want a cat. Too bad Kyle is allergic!!

Monday, June 14

Jena - Maternity

Tomorrow, my very good friend Jena will be having her second baby. I have known Jena for a long long time. It wasn't until the birth of our 1sts (who are 6 months apart) that we reconnected & realized we have a LOT in common. We had planned this photoshoot for last week but Mother Nature had other plans & decided to make the day an entire day of nothing but rain. I said, even if we had to do these Tuesday morning before you go in for your c-section, we will get them done. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather for the redo. Overcast, a little chilly & no rain. Perfect. Jena looks amazing, her hubby is adorable & Ryan (their 4 year old) is just about the cutest child ever. She is oh so funny & has more energy than 6 kids her age. She is going to make a great big sister! Almost 24 hours! Ekk!

Tuesday, June 8

It is time to vote!

Voting has now begun for our latest contest on our Fan Page on Facebook!

Take a moment & go vote for your favorite cutie here!!!!

Good luck contestants!!!

Tuesday, June 1

Congrats Jodi!

Yesterday my friend Jodi, who's maternity shoot I did earlier this month, had her baby! You can see her shoot here! I was thrilled & went to visit, camera in tow that afternoon. Truman is a tiny little guy. Not even 6 pounds. Lots of hair & as cute as ever. I didn't want to put him down but I had to snap a few pictures of this little cutie! It was quite in there, just mom & I, while everyone was out having lunch. They came back just as I was leaving so I was able to get a few family shots too. Oh this only increased my want to have another baby!