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Wednesday, April 28

Angel & Michael - Just for fun!

This was such a fun shoot. Angel emailed me & told me she wanted some "bedroom" pictures of her & her man. Nothing dirty but more fun, flity, sexy kind of thing. I thought how fun! So I jumped all over that. I walk into the house & see a huge display of pictures that I took at the last shoot. LOVE IT! Then we head upstairs for non-stop laughing & fun. These two are hysterical! lol It was such a fun shoot. I didn't even feel like I was working! I want every shoot to be this way!!

Nici & Drew - Wedding

Saturday we woke up to a down pour of rain, thunder & lighting. Although rain on your wedding day is good luck, it makes it a little harder to get pictures done outside. lol But, Mother Nature was kind & the rain stopped. She left it overcast too which is every photographers favorite. This wedding was a blast. Everyone really enjoyed themselves & were so funny. I went home with my face hurting from smiling & laughing so much. I also teared up at the speeches which isn't something that I normally do. Nici looked BEAUTIFUL & her dress was awesome! Drew danced with their daughter Grace to "Gracie" by Ben Folds and it was oh so perfect. Congrats you two! Have fun in Mexico!

Nici & Drew - Wedding Teaser

I know Nici has been itching at the bones to see some pictures from her wedding. Girl I am working on it ;)

So here is just one preview until I get the rest up later today!

Lisa & Ted - Engagement

I met with Lisa & Ted to shoot their Engagement/Save the Date pictures. I have known Lisa for a while because we used to hang out in the same circle of friends 100 years ago. We have kept in touch over the years thanks to the internet & I have honored when she asked if I would shoot their wedding. So we met up downtown Minneapolis. Lisa is SO pretty. I want her hair. Oh my. Girl is SO pretty. Her & her future hubby, Ted, are adorable together. She is a little peanut & he is super tall. I love how the dressed so opposite too, so fun!!

Tuesday, April 27

Keyanna - 2 years old

I met with Keyanna, her mom & her grandma at a park that seemed just impossible to find but well worth it once we actually got there. Keyanna really enjoyed herself once she got a little more comfortable with the place. She explored & looked at all the flowers & birds. She wasn't really interested in getting her picture taken or even smiling until I pulled out Spongebob. That guy is my secret weapon for little kids. It always gets a smile out of them!

Friday, April 23

Give back, one photograph at a time!

I feel like my community is so good to me! I love Minnesota & the people here are wonderful! I see so much of the "Minnesota Nice" & I want to help & do my part of the Minnesota nice. So we are going to be doing a giveaway to someone very deserving in the community.

Everyone knows someone who is extra special. They go out of their way to no reason to help someone. The high school senior who spends his free time helping his neighbor mow the grass because he has a hard time doing it himself. The lady who reads to the blind every day because she knows they enjoy it. The kids who put set up Lemonade stands just to give their money to someone who needs it more than they do. It brings a tear to my eye thinking that such wonderful people exist. So that is where you guys come in. Write me an email* telling me about this special person that you know. Then I will post their stories & have the community vote for their favorite! That extra special person will win a photoshoot from us as our way of saying Thank You!

Make sure you let the person know you are entering them in the giveaway and that they live in the Twin Cities or plan to travel here! Also make sure you write a great story! We will be accepting stories until the end of May & the winner will be announced in June after all the stories are put up for voting!

Good luck! I can't wait to read about all the wonderful people we have here in Minnesota!

*You can send me an email to kmcoopet@gmail.com or on the Facebook Fan Page

Thursday, April 22

Spring is in full bloom!

So  it seems that spring, for us Minnesotans, started a little earlier this year. We aren't used to our trees & flowers already being in bloom. That old saying "April Showers, Bring May Flowers" had to have been written by someone from Minnesota. It's normally rainy in April & May is full of bloom. Well, it seems that April is full of bloom & I am loving it. I went to our new house yesterday & was shocked to see what I thought was a crappy over grown bush, was actually a really pretty bush. We planned to take it out since it's on the fence line where our new fence is going, but instead we will just be moving it to another part of the yard. I took a few shots of it yesterday & love this one. I think it might be something I will frame for when we actually are able to move into our completely gutted "new" house!

Sunday, April 18

Theresa - Just for fun!

I have known Theresa since High School. She recently moved to NC with her new husband (who is a Marine) leaving her Minnesota life behind for great weather & very little snow. Totally jealous! haha Well, she is in town for a couple of weeks. The main reason is because her best friend is getting married next weekend (I am also shooting the wedding so watch for those pictures).Unfortunately her hubby couldn't come along. Boo. But, we got together & did just a fun shoot with just her. Girl is SO pretty! The shoot was a blast & oh so easy! I forget how easy it is working with adult! haha

Aidan - 8 Months

Saturday afternoon I met up with some of our bestfriends for a photoshoot with one of my favorite little boys, Aidan. Years I waited for this boy to come. Years. And now that he finally has I can't get enough of his oh so cute little face. Normally he seems & it is an instant smile. This time however he made me work for it. haha I really had to bust my butt to get him to smile. Probably because he knew this time taking pictures was a little different than the times before. Silly boy. However through all that he still was a happy little man! I just want to squeeze him & never let him go!

Thursday, April 15

Luke - 1 Year

Today I took a long drive across the boarder to Wisconsin to do a photoshoot with the oh so adorable 1 year old Luke. This kid was SO adorable. The blue eyes & blonde hair was a killer combo on this big kid! He took a while to warm up but once he did he was all smiles & pure cute. He destroyed a cake at the end of the shoot. I think maybe 3 bites when into his mouth. The rest was smashed...and I mean SMASHED! lol He is such a boy!

Wednesday, April 14

Leah - 7 Months

Little Miss Leah is just about the cutest thing ever. Her blonde hair, blue eyes and overall chunkiness stole my heart. I did say I had a think for fat babies. ;) She was the best baby to photograph. She never fussed once. She smiled & made such sweet somber faces. I just wanted to squeeze her & take her home with me. This is my absolute favorite age & Leah just reiterated that. She sat still & smiled. Pretty much did whatever I wanted. lol I want 10 of her!

Tuesday, April 13

Jayden, Brody & Aliya

Monday afternoon I met with Tarah, her kiddos, her sister in law & her daughter. Tarah was the winner of the contest that I held on my Facebook Fanpage. If you aren't a fan. Please join! That is the place to find out about deals & upcoming contests! So anyways, I met up with the gang at the Guthrie. One of my many favorite indoor locations in the metro area. All the kids were dressed to kill. It was like they walked out of an American Eagle add. So adorable. They were nuts though. It was fun. They reminded me SO much of my kids it was like being at home. lol Jayden was such a ham who made the cutest face ever! Brody and his blue eyes just stole my heart and little "Yaya" as the boys call her had cheeks that could create world peace! I seriously have the best job in the world!!!