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Monday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day...just a day late!

I spent part of my Mothers Day working & the other part with my kiddos & hubby. My own mom went to the Baseball game with my brother so there went that. I have a surprise for my moms Mothers Day gift but that isn't for a couple of weeks. Not because I am a poor planner & waited too long, but because it just can't happen any sooner. lol So of course I have to keep it a secret until then! haha

This is my 4th Mothers Day...or 5th if you count when Kegan was in utero, which I certainly do. Each one being greater than the one before. Having two kids to share in the celebration is awesome. The best was Karie saying "Happy Birthday Mothers Day" when I woke up. It's not my birthday but it was cute none the less. We spending the morning cuddling. Lots of tickles and lots of laughs. Then for dinner & a walk in Stillwater later in the day. I got lots of hugs & kisses & some beautiful red & yellow sun flowers, they are my fave in case you feel like buying me flowers.

The day ended up cuddles, just as the day started. I couldn't ask for a better family!!! I love them!


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