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Monday, February 22

Heather - Boudoir

Heather emailed me & asked me if I would do a boudoir shoot for her. It was her hubby's birthday & thought he would really like that as a gift. This isn't something I normally do but I thought it would be fun to jump into that side of photography for once. It was an easy shoot. I have been photographing her son for a year now & Heather & I belong to the same play group so we are pretty comfortable around each other. It was fun. Lots of laughs which always makes it a little easier. I was happy to hear that she was willing to let me share some photos from the shoot.

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 13

Kaleb - 1 Year

I can't believe that Kaleb is ONE! Well, he isn't quite one yet but today was his 1 Year Photoshot! I have been photographing since he was 1st born. I always looked forward to his shoots. He is just adorable & his eyes, OMG are so big & beautiful. Today however wasn't his best day. He had a bad week & was pretty upset. But a cupcake sure did help. That boy just ate it up like it was the best thing he ever eat & danced the entire time. It was really cute!

Happy Birthday Kaleb! We'll see you next weekend at your party!

Tuesday, February 9

Owen - 2 Years

Saturday morning I met up with Owen & his mom, Vanessa. Vanessa is one of the owners of the Twin Cities Stay at Home moms group on Meetup.com that I am apart of. If you are a SAHM I highly recommend joining! Anyways, so I met with Owen & we had a great shoot. Little Man, even with his cold, was still a riot. He was running around all over but sat great for pictures, with the help of every photographers BFF M&M's. Owen is just the cutest thing!

Monday, February 1

Kate - 6 Months

Forgive me because I am far behind on blogging!

A few weeks ago I met up with Kate, Ally & their mommy for Kate's 6 month shoot! Kate is a chunk & boy is she cute. Her blue eyes are just killer. She loves her sister SO much & it's adorable to see them together. Ally is my bestfriend & I have decided she will be my future assistant!