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Thursday, August 23

Fridley, MN Newborn Photographer { Olivia }

St. Paul, MN Family & Kid Photographer { The Baker Family }

Tuesday, August 14

St. Paul, MN Newborn Photographer { Tristan }

After almost a year of trying to adopt, Beth & Brandon adopted a baby. A little boy named Tristan. When I heard about their struggles it brought tears to my eyes. As someone who has two kids & no issues I guess I took all of that for granted. I can't imagine the struggle both emotionally & financially. So, I offered them a shoot at no cost. Beth is good friends with my good friend Emily & I knew how important photography is to them. After all they have been through and after giving a baby who wasn't going to have a home a FANTASTIC home this was the least I could do. Beth & Brandon were up for anything & I was really excited to get out of the house & photograph a newborn outside. I had all these ideas in my head & FINALLY was able to get them out. I am so happy with how these turned out. Makes me want to make another baby just so I can do newborn photos of my own there! Thank you Beth & Brandon! You guys are amazing & Tristan is a really lucky kid to have such cool parents!

*All images were done safely with mom & dad at babies side the entire time!*

Wednesday, August 8

Minneapolis, MN Child & Family Photographer { Mac }

New Brighton, MN Child Photographer { Christian }

New Brighton, MN Child & Family Photographer { Tegan }