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Sunday, May 30


I have mentioned in the past here that all my contests are held over on my fan page on Facebook. Or is it a "Like Page" since Facebook changed everything? I don't know. Either way, I am holding a contest over there right now! It is an easy one & the winner gets a free photoshoot & the images on a CD.

Who doesn't love free? So, you haven't entered yet, check out the rules & enter! Coopet Photography Fan Page Contest Rules

Good luck!!

Friday, May 28

Tyler & Mason

I met with Shelby, her boys & Grandpa for a photoshoot. Tyler was the biggest ham & was all about the camera. Mason had just woken up from a nap so he didn't want much to do with the camera. But Tyler being a great big brother helped me a lot getting Mason in to it just a little bit. The boys are so cute & their mama is beautiful!

Kaleb & Family

I have been photographing little Kaleb since he was a newborn. His mama & I hit it off & we are friends so I see Kaleb more than just at photoshoots. But even with that, he still will NOT smile for me. NOT MATTER WHAT! haha I tried SO hard to get him to smile. No go! But he did make some of the funniest faces which made me laugh! It was ridiculously hot the day of the shoot so we had to take a break mid shoot to cool off! That helped Kaleb a ton & although I didn't get him to smile he did sit still for pictures! I adore that little peanut!

Tristan, Hayden & Riley

I had a BLAST at this photoshoot. All 3 kids were just adorable! The oldest was Tristan & watch out ladies, he will kill you with his cute. His mom will have to beat girls away with a bat when he gets into high school. Then we have Hayden who reminds me so much of my daughter Karie. She had problem directing the show & picking up random bugs along the way. Last there was little baby Riley. Oh is she a doll. She had JUST learned to walk so she really didn't want to do anything but walk. Little girl never crawled either & just did this hysterical little butt scoot. I just wanted to take all three of them home. They made me laugh SO much!

Wednesday, May 19

Twin Cities Stay At Home Mom's Group - Mini Shoots

I am a member of the TCSAHM group on Meetup.com It's awesome. I know technically I am not a SAHM but what is there to do during the week when people are working. Most people do shoots in the evening & on weekends. So I joined the group & let me tell ya, it rocks. I was asked if I could do mini shoots for people in the group & I jumped on the chance. It was a blast. All the kids were oh so adorable! We were rained out of our original location so I went to my trusty back up, the Guthrie, which worked out fantastic! Picking previews was so hard for this one. I really wanted to just post sooooo many but I had to keep it fair & just do a couple per family. lol

Monday, May 17

Shaula & Rob - Wedding

I am so far behind on blogging so here is my attempt at catching up. Saturday I photographed Shaula & Robs wedding. It was a small, cute little wedding way far out in Hastings. I met Shaula through one of my friends, Emily, who is also in the wedding. We had BEAUTIFUL weather. It went from wearing winter coats on Monday to being sunny & 72 on Saturday. LUCKY!! Petey P Cup joined in for a few pictures, which was by far the most random "person" to jump in for pictures. Congrats you two! Enjoy the new house!

Tuesday, May 11


This morning I am waiting for my husband to get home so I can leave to run to a meeting. When he pulled up I grabbed my stuff to run out the door. That task didn't end up being as simple as it sounds. For some out of the world reason my little 9 pound Min Pin Hawk & my inlaws 65 pound black lab Bondo decided to get into a fight. All the sudden I hear this high pitched scream that sounded more like my 2 & 3 year old than my dog. I look over & see my little Hawk making the worst sound & his leg looks...off. Like it was bent the wrong way. Kyle came in & swooped Hawk up. I had to leave & Kyle needed to run Hawk & the kids up to the vet.

A couple hours & few hundred dollars later, Hawk has a cast on his entire leg. We thought for sure it was broken. It's not but the leg was hyperextended. Which if you don't know, simply means his joint bent the wrong way. Think of you knee or elbow bending the opposite way. That is what happened to Hawk. Just thinking about it gives me the wiggles. He can't walk very well & looks rather silly. Poor guy is in pain though & has pain meds. I am grateful that it wasn't anything worse! As much as my insane little dog drives me crazy, I love him to pieces!

Monday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day...just a day late!

I spent part of my Mothers Day working & the other part with my kiddos & hubby. My own mom went to the Baseball game with my brother so there went that. I have a surprise for my moms Mothers Day gift but that isn't for a couple of weeks. Not because I am a poor planner & waited too long, but because it just can't happen any sooner. lol So of course I have to keep it a secret until then! haha

This is my 4th Mothers Day...or 5th if you count when Kegan was in utero, which I certainly do. Each one being greater than the one before. Having two kids to share in the celebration is awesome. The best was Karie saying "Happy Birthday Mothers Day" when I woke up. It's not my birthday but it was cute none the less. We spending the morning cuddling. Lots of tickles and lots of laughs. Then for dinner & a walk in Stillwater later in the day. I got lots of hugs & kisses & some beautiful red & yellow sun flowers, they are my fave in case you feel like buying me flowers.

The day ended up cuddles, just as the day started. I couldn't ask for a better family!!! I love them!

Sunday, May 9

Jodi - Maternity

I met with my girlfriend Jodi to do a Maternity photoshoot. She is getting very close to her due date with baby #2 & we are all very excited. Big sister Rylee is probably more excited than anyone else! It's oh so adorable. We braved the bitter May cold (really it was freezing outside) and headed to a local trail near their house to do their shoot. At first Ry didn't want to get her picture taken but she slowly warmed up once we brought in her "husband" for some pictures. Husband you ask? Yes. Yoda. Little 3 year old Rylee is madly, head over heels in love with Yoda. Silly girl.

Monday, May 3


So besides photography, I am a crafter. I like to knit, sew, cut, color, glue...just about everything. If I can figure out a way to make it, I'd rather do that than spendy money on it. Not because I like to save a buck, but because I love to be crafty. Today I pulled out my craft stuff & decided my daughter needed a new headband. One turned into two which turned into three. So three new headbands she got! One of them however I might be stealing to wear sometimes because it is really cute. Karie had a great time modeling them too. I didn't even have to bribe her this time!

I love my wiggle!

Sunday, May 2

Ryley - 6 Months

I swear it was just yesterday that Ryley was born. But no, we are already on month 6! Holy moly! He is bigger & cuter than ever. For Ry's 3 month pictures he was sick. We did a redo when we thought he was better but no he was still sick. Poor guy. So I didn't get very many smiles out of the boy. This time was a completely different story. He smiled just about the entire time. Everything made him laugh too. A stick with leaves seemed to be his favorite & his laugh made me crack up. His hair is now all fuzzy & oh I just wanted to eat his chunk cheeks. Big sister Gabby was there for pictures too. 9 year old Gabs really made me work to get her to smile. Gotta love her though. Girl is so pretty just like her mama!!