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Monday, August 30

Fall Mini's

The Summer Mini's were a huge sucess! We learned a lot & have changed a few things around to make it easier on both myself & you guys for the Fall sessions!

* The cost of the session is $50 for a 20 minute session. $15 is due the day you book which is non-refundable. You can pay either paypal or you can send the deposit to me. We can discuess that in the email.

* The date of the sessions will be Sunday, September 26th from 9am - 3pm.

* Location is TBD but it will be outdoors at a park. We want fall colors!!

* Your images will be emailed to you to download from a private link off the internet & you also get full printing rights to the photos.

* Up to 5 people per-session (add $10 per person after that) & it is pet friendly so feel free to bring your furry friend(s).

Everything is on a 1st come 1st serve basis & booking is done through my email at kmcoopet@gmail.com Please email me with your top 3 choices of times. I will get to changing the times from open to booked as quickly as I can.

2:00: Booked
2:30: Booked
3:00: Booked
3:30: Booked
4:00- Booked
4:30: Lunch Break
5:00: Booked
5:30: Booked
6:00: Booked
6:30: Booked
7:00: Booked

Thursday, August 19

Fungfook Family

I met up with Areefa & her family to do a photoshoot. Her littlest daughter was the flower girl in my best friends wedding & it was crazy to see how big she is now. Her oldest daughter, get this, is 13! Wow! She looks so grown up! I thought she was 16 at least! Then there was little Adam. Such a cutie & a big boy! The entire family is gorgeous! And get a load of mom! She is a knock out!

Thursday, August 12

Ryley - 9 Months

It was not a good day for Mr. Ryley. He was cranky & tried but was a trooper the whole time. He put up with us posing him, not letting him crawl & even getting him naked in the woods. haha Big sister Gabby, as always, was a great help! She is getting so big & oh so pretty! Even though it was pretty hot out the breeze helped a lot & Ry sat on the dock as we snapped a few more pictures of him! I can't believe the next photoshoot he will be 1! That is just crazy! Boy do they grow fast!!!

Colton - 2 Years Old

One thing that I really love about my job is getting to see all the little ones. Every little guy & girl has their own personality & it's fun to really to know each little person. When I first saw Colton I thought he was going to be shy, quiet & reserved. Boy was I wrong! Kid is CRAZY! In a good way of course! He was all over the place. Running here there & everywhere! Mama was smart bringing snacks to keep him still for close to 5 seconds. Sticks were our good friends & a family walking their dog stopped to say hello too! It was very hot so we cooled off by walking in the water at the end!

Wednesday, August 4

Everett -2 Years Old

I met up with Everett & her mommies on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year. Luckily we met in the morning that day so the heat had just started to spin out of control. I met Everett a few weeks prior to the shoot at an event I was shooting & she was super shy & never really warmed up to me. This was different. She was really shy at first but once we started walking around & shooting she warmed up, no pun intended! lol She was loving on her mommies a ton in the beginning & you can really tell she has strong bond with them! Eventually though she turned into the typical toddler that I love with the funny faces & the silly smiles! Oh boy do I love this age!