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Thursday, December 23

Maplewood, MN Family Photographer { Christy & Family }

It was about a year ago that I did maternity pictures for Christy. A year later, and she had another baby! Yup. Two babies within a year! Mama will be BUSY! They invited me back to do some family pictures in the hosptial. Baby S had a full head of hair & could pass for a little Eskimo baby. Cutest, and tiniest little thing! I have the itch for another one after this shoot for sure!

Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer { Anna, Kenny & Trey }

I have known Kenny for just about my entire life. When we were little we used to get into a lot of trouble. The one thing that always comes to mind is when we set the carpet on fire at my moms house & tried to hide it with Legos. Ooops! Well, now he is all grown up with a baby on the way & a fiance. It's hard to imagine him in this roll because even though I am all grown up myself, I still picture Kenny as a little kid. He may be an adult now, but he is still the same "kid" I remember! Can't wait to photograph their wedding in March & meet that sweet little baby girl! Anna is just GLOWING!!! She is one hot pregnant mama! And we can't forget out little man Trey!  He is so adorable & is going to make a great big brother!

Sunday, December 12

Morrell Family

Christmas Came Early

While I don't share too much of my personal pictures, I thought I would share these. My husband did an amazing job & he deserves credit for this!

Yesterday we were in the middle of what some are calling "Snowmageddon". Kyle had to work so I was stuck at home alone because the kids were at my moms house. I really wanted to go outside & take pictures but what is fun about doing that alone?! Nothing really. Kyle came home early to suprise me, and boy oh boy did he surprise me. He took me in the backyard to take a couple of pictures together. I didn't want to be out too long because I didn't realize just how cold it was plus I didn't want to wear a jacket for our pictures either. Us brave Minnesotan's right? Or just crazy as some say. I set to the self timer for 10 seconds & 9 pictures. We decided to just do two rounds of pictures & head in fast. The 1st round were a few of us looking at the camera enjoying the snow, the second round was supposed to be a kiss picture but it turned out to be not only that but Kyle getting down on one knee & giving me my Christmas present early. A diamond ring. OMG!

We have been married for almost 4 years. We didn't do the whole engagement thing. Our wedding was spur of the moment & was planned in only a few weeks. I had mentioned one day while watching a movie with Kyle how I wish that we had done just that the more traditional way. I thought it was so sweet that he remembered that! He also knows how much I love pictures & how I want everything documented. He really did a good job!!!

Wednesday, December 1

Andrea & Family


Sunday, November 28

Dimock Family