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Tuesday, May 11


This morning I am waiting for my husband to get home so I can leave to run to a meeting. When he pulled up I grabbed my stuff to run out the door. That task didn't end up being as simple as it sounds. For some out of the world reason my little 9 pound Min Pin Hawk & my inlaws 65 pound black lab Bondo decided to get into a fight. All the sudden I hear this high pitched scream that sounded more like my 2 & 3 year old than my dog. I look over & see my little Hawk making the worst sound & his leg looks...off. Like it was bent the wrong way. Kyle came in & swooped Hawk up. I had to leave & Kyle needed to run Hawk & the kids up to the vet.

A couple hours & few hundred dollars later, Hawk has a cast on his entire leg. We thought for sure it was broken. It's not but the leg was hyperextended. Which if you don't know, simply means his joint bent the wrong way. Think of you knee or elbow bending the opposite way. That is what happened to Hawk. Just thinking about it gives me the wiggles. He can't walk very well & looks rather silly. Poor guy is in pain though & has pain meds. I am grateful that it wasn't anything worse! As much as my insane little dog drives me crazy, I love him to pieces!


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