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Sunday, May 9

Jodi - Maternity

I met with my girlfriend Jodi to do a Maternity photoshoot. She is getting very close to her due date with baby #2 & we are all very excited. Big sister Rylee is probably more excited than anyone else! It's oh so adorable. We braved the bitter May cold (really it was freezing outside) and headed to a local trail near their house to do their shoot. At first Ry didn't want to get her picture taken but she slowly warmed up once we brought in her "husband" for some pictures. Husband you ask? Yes. Yoda. Little 3 year old Rylee is madly, head over heels in love with Yoda. Silly girl.


Faith Bowyer said...

Love the pictures!
It's adorable that she is in love with Yoda. : )

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