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Monday, March 14

Minneapolis, MN Family Photograph { Isaiah - 3 years old!!! }

Saturday, March 12

Minneapolis, MN Wedding Photographer { Anna & Kenny }

Back in December I did an engagement/maternity shoot for Anna & Kenny. If you remember the post, you will remember that I have known Kenny & his family pretty much my entire life. So today wasn't just another wedding, it was watching a friend get married. The day was filled with so much laughter. More than most weddings I must say. Chris Shaffer from WCCO Channel 4 showed up to film the two for "On the Spot". The segment will be made into a commercial. Chris did well & delivered us some warm weather. And when I mean warm, I mean weather in the 40's. Pretty good for March! As I watched little...well...big now...Kenny get married, I was filled with joy. He met someone who is truly amazing. Anna is a very sweet girl who has really blessed Kenny. I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness...and a few more babies!

Saturday, March 5

Coon Rapids, MN Family Photography { Baby Reese & Big Sister Peyton }

Mommy Mel is friends with a friend of mine & I ventured to her home to do some family pictures. Mel had baby Reese in February & wanted to get some family pictures done. At first Reese didn't want anything to do with pictures & kept giving me silly faces & sticking her tongue out. So Big Sister Peyton & I went upstairs to play. I love that she goes into her room & grabs books to read. My kind of girl! You don't really see that enough so it was awesome to see her pick up a book. Even better was the books title! Finally Reese was ready for pictures, but only family pictures because she still didn't want to sleep, but all the hard work of being a model caught up with her & she passed out. Just in time to get some adorable pictures in the cutest bunny hat ever! *Note to self, if I have another baby, buy a bunny hat!*