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Monday, August 22

Minneapolis, MN Kids Photographer { Ally & Kate }

I found this spot a about a month ago. I have been lusting over it NEEDING to shoot there! I also want to do my family session there but that is a whole other story! When my friend/assistant told me she needed new pictures of the girls & let me pick wherever I wanted I knew I had to take them here! I was so excited! Ally is 4 & Kate is 2 so I was a little worried about how they would do since it is a really urban area, but they ROCKED it! I am so excited to share the images. I love them!

Roseville, MN Wedding Photographer { Mara & Matt }

I met Mara about a year ago at our mutual friends party. She was completely stunning in her jeans & tee shirt and as sweet as can be! This was the first time we met even though she had already hired me to shoot their wedding. A few weeks ago I met Matt at The Shout House. Probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met. They are perfect for each other. I have been looking forward to this wedding since our final meeting. I found out that they weren't doing the traditional thing. That there wasn't much wasted time & that we were going to do all the pictures outside. That was music to my ears. Once the wedding day came it was flawless, literately it went perfect. They were perfect. The weather was amazing & the sunset was better. I was so happy that they were able to step away from their recpetion to get some pictures of the two of them. Those are probably my favorite pictures from the entire day. Congrats you too! I am insanely happy for you guys!!!!!

Thursday, August 11

Stillwater, MN Newborn & Family Photographer { Sawyer & Family }

 Just a few years ago Lindsay & Greg were just a married couple with two dogs. Now, they are married couple with two kiddos! I have been photographing their family since Lindsay got pregnant with Lily. It has been really exciting to watch her family grow since we have known each other since kindergarten. Now Lily is 2 and there is a new baby in the family. Little brother Sawyer. He is a clone of his big sister & completely adorable as well. Just like his sister at her newborn shoot he spent a good amount of time on the boob. That is okay though while I had that downtime I was able to take out big sister Lil's for some pictures of her own. I just can't get over how big she is and how blonde & curly her hair is! I pay good money to get my hair that color! Totally jealous! She is such a doll. I adore her & really wanted to stick her in my camera bag & run! I am really excited to watch her grow into a big girl & big sister and watching Sawyer grow too! They have some pretty awesome parents & are really lucky kids! Congrats Linds & Greg you guys make super cute kids!

Thursday, August 4

Buffalo, MN Kids Photographer { Ben }

Hudson, WI Newborn Photographer { Liam & Rory }

Hudson, WI Newborn Photographer { Siena & Reese }

New Brighton, MN Kids Photographer { Ellie is 1! }

Ellie is our contest winner from our "Funny Faces" contest I held a few months ago. He winning face was priceless, and cute, all at the same time. I haven't seen Ellie in 6 months. Her last shoot was quite tragic, at least that is what she would say if she could talk. She was very sad & shed quite a few tears. Even with that, she looked adorable. I was hoping this time around I'd get some smiles. She was shy at first & even with the insane heat we had, she flashed me her new teeth a few times! How cute is she?! Happy Birthday Ellie!!!


New Brighton, MN Newborn Photographer { Olivia }