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Friday, October 29

Michael, Angel, Aaron & Camille

I know that when Angel books a shoot, it will be fun. It always is fun! I love to poke fun at Michael, and he pokes fun at me. I like to poke fun at Aaron, because he is a teenage boy. lol I love to spend time with my Angel & of course see the ever so adorable Camille. I love this family! Angel & I have become fast friends since she booked her first shoot with me back in March. I really feel like I have known her longer. We had already done 4 shoots together & it's only October! Love it!! Also, totally loving these images! Her family is hot!

Shannon & Alex - MARRIED!

A very long time ago I met a sweet lady named Shannon. Adore her. Now she is a married lady & I got to be there the day she said her "I Do's"! It was a crazy warm day in Chicago on  10-10-10 & if I remember correctly it broke some records. Shannon & her, now husband, Alex both work for Geek Squad so the entire thing was "Geeked Out". I honestly never saw more people Tweeting, texting & Facebooking all in one place before. It was pretty awesome. The entire ceremony was even read on an iPad. Awesome. They had just about the cutest cake ever too. It was a blast spending the day with these two & their super fun wedding party. So many silly faces were made & I couldn't stop laughing so many times!!! It was weddings like these that REALLY make me LOVE my job!!

Dana & Leah - Seniors

It seems that this year is the year for all the "babies" I know to graduate high school. My mind is blown. 4 of the "babies" are no longer babies. First we had my cousin Ben, then my friend Cayla and now my cousins Dana & Leah. Twins. I remember when they were first born. These tiny little things. I remember begging my grandma to hold both of them & she made me sit in chair to do it. Now, they are no longer babies. They are all grown up & looking like women!! It's just boggles my mind!! Good luck in college ladies!!

Wyant Kids

I have always wanted 3 kids. 2 boys & a girl (although I'd be happy with another girl). After meeting & photographing these kids I knew I had to have 3. I left sweaty & exhausted but I laugh so much. These kids are so funny. They love each other so much. They totally reminded me of one of those commercials with the happy family with the crazy kids running around in the background. I love them! Alison is a saint though! Her youngest are twins! And Addy, girl is a handful! A handful of spunk! The last picture was their attempt at doing a jump shot. I am pretty much in love with it. Those kids...oh I just want to take them home!!!

Wednesday, October 6

Busy time of year!

Sorry for the lack of updating on the blog! This is a busy time of year! If you aren't already, please become a fan of Coopet Photography on Facebook! I tend to update that a bit more often because it just is so easy!