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Thursday, December 29

Minneapolis, MN Kid & Family Photographer { Matilda }

Next to my own kids, Matilda is one of my favorite little people. Her toothless grin & cheeks for days are just about the cutest thing ever. Not to mention her mama is pretty fabulous & dresses Miss M as a Baby GAP model. It's pretty damn cute. We met at the Walker which was the perfect place for Matilda's 6 month shoot. As people walked by she analyzed them & upon her discovery either smiled at them or turned away if she found them less than amusing. Girl has an old soul, I can tell. She makes amazing faces. Whether it is a smile, serious...or what I like to call her Pirate Face it was all pretty awesome. You can see her Pirate Face in one of the family pictures. I already decided that I will be printing that one out for my office. When I am ever feeling blue I will look at it & smile. I love her little personality! Picking out the pictures for the preview was so almost impossible. I wanted to post them all, but here are a small batch of my favorites!

Tuesday, December 20

Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer { Christmas Family }

Tuesday, December 13

Elf On the Shelf Part #1

Get ready for a lengthy post! I have been wanting to post these for a while. Our family adopted an Elf on the Shelf this year. If you don't know what they are, you really need to get your hands on one. They are a fun little family tradition! Our kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can't lie, I do too. It is fun hiding/placing our elf in different places. The kids reactions are so fun too! Our Elf came on November 19th and has been playing with the kiddos ever since. Check out all the fun places Drew went in our house.

Day #1. He wanted to make the first place easy for the kids to find him, so the Christmas tree is the place he took watch!

Day #2. In the fridge is the spot he chose for his hiding place #2. Drew knows  how much the kids love yogurt so he grabbed two & waited until they opened the the fridge to give them some. Karie totally missed it the first time but Kegan spotted him right away!

Day #3. The trip back from the North Pole was a long one. They kids found him eating peanuts. He really loves them.

Day #4. The kids caught Drew trying to take pictures of them being naughty or nice. Kegan had to let him know that these cameras don't have film. lol

Day #5.  Today is Thanksgiving. In true Elf Fashion he got on the shelf *hehe* and sat next to our picture. He said he was thankful for his amazing family who adopted him & gave him such a great life. Aww!

Day #6.  This was pretty clever. Our Christmas cards came in this box! Drew thought it would be a great place to hide!

Day #7.  Apparently Drew really wanted some candy! We found him diving face first in the candy bowl!

Day #8.  This was a hard one! Hiding amongst the animals in Karie's bed. It was just like "Toy Story" the kids said.

Day #9. We found Drew helping put the Ornaments back up on up on Karie's tree in her room.

Day #10. We found in this morning reading "A Pirates Night Before Christmas" with some of Karie's Barbies & Tinkerbell. I think he is quite fond of them. ;)

Day #11. Drew was trying to play basketball in Kegan's room. Apparently he can't dunk very well.

Day #12. This morning we found Holly & Drew sharing some hot cocoa & Elf Doughnuts. Holly also works for Santa. I wonder if they were talking about the kids or if they were on date? Hmmm Karie thinks it was date & Kegan thinks they were talking about Santa.

How fun right?! Of course there are more pictures & there will be more! Drew comes back every morning until Christmas Day so expect a few more Elf on the Shelf posts!

Sunday, December 11

St. Paul, MN Family Photographer { Michael, Angel, Aaron & Camille }

Saturday, December 10

Stillwater, MN Newborn & Family Photographer { Foster Family }

Stillwater, MN Newborn Photographer { Emmett }

Isanti, MN Newborn Photographer { Nolan }

Minneapolis, MN Senior Photographer { Dennis- Forest Lake High School }

Minneapolis, MN Senior Photographer { Michael - Simley High School }