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Monday, March 22

Crazy Deals @ Coopet Photography this week!

Do you feel like getting some pictures taken? We are offering a crazy deal THIS WEEK ONLY! Today through Friday we are doing half off shoots! Yup! You read that right! 50% OFF! But you have to do your shoot THIS WEEK! Today through Friday! Some restrictions apply! Message me to details! Ends March 26th!

Chase - 8 1/2 Months

Between 6-9 months is one of my favorite ages to photograph. Most of the time they aren't mobile yet & most of the time they are all smiles. Chase was no exception to this! He could roll but boy oh boy did he giggle & laugh. My face hurt after leaving this shoot. I was smiling so much because Chase was smiling. Oh the cute just hurt! Everything made him giggle. EVERYTHING! It was pretty much the cutest thing I had seen in a while! I wanted to put him in my purse & take him home. I know my daughter would have totally approved! lol

Sunday, March 21

Angel, Michael, Aaron & Camille

This is another shoot I have been waiting for. It doesn't happen very often where I get older kids. It seems lately it a burst of kids under the age of 3 so it's refreshing to get kids who you can pose like little models. lol This family was perfect. Not only are they all beautiful but I laughed so much! They are so funny! We took a bunch of family shots & also took some solos of Camille who just turned 9. I swear she is one of the most beautiful 9 year olds out there. I adore her. She likes to knit & has a snowglobe collection, just like me. CUTE! We can't forget about Aaron. He is the most normal teenage boy I have ever met. He smiled for pictures & was just as nice as can be. He is also in an acapella group! How cool is that?!

Friday, March 19

Cora & Adam - Mini Engagement

I have been looking forward to this shoot for a while. Cora & Adam are good friends of ours. My husband went to college with both of them so we have known them quite a while. We were all so excited for them when they got engaged late last year. It was a big FINALLY for many of us! lol This shoot is one of two that we are doing. Cora wanted to get some Save the Date cards sent so we did something little now. Then once the weather gets nicer we can actually go some fun stuff outside. We got bad luck with the weather today. The last few days have been in the 60's? Today, it was in the low 20's. So we did just a few outside. It didn't help that the wind was blowing like crazy! I had tons of ideas for this shoot. I wanted to try some different stuff & I knew that I could get away with it with these guys since we are doing two shoots. It also helps that they are friends too.

Thursday, March 18

St. Patrick's Day

I am a day late posting for St. Patrick's Day but that's okay. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I spent the amazingly beautiful day downtown St. Paul with my girlfriend, Chalayne & her two girls. We all had a blast. I snapped this picture of the kids at the end of the parade. Probably a bad idea & I should have taken it at the beginning before the sugar high kicked in!

I hope everyone had a safe & happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 16


So at Target this morning picking up a few things I found this shirt for Kegan. It was only $5 & I couldn't pass it up. When we got home I put Karie down for a nap & the shirt on Kegan for a mini photoshoot. He was being Mr. Poser. It was adorable. I have for sure raised my kids since birth to love the camera. Or, forced them to at least smile when they see it. lol

Monday, March 15

Ryley - 3 Months

Ryley is the biggest 3 month old ever. He isn't fat but just...big & solid. That kid is adorable! He is just so sweet & impossible not to fall in love with him. He was a great little model & although he didn't smile a ton, but he sure gave such sweet looks!

Isaiah - 2 Years Old

Saturday looked like it was going to be warm. But, we got to the park & it was far from warm. The day was chilly & kind of windy but we stuck it out. Isaiah had control of the shoot & took us where he wanted to go. He showed me his puppy, balloon just how high he can jump. We ended the shoot with a giant sucker & a very happy, sugar high, kiddo!

Saturday, March 13

Karie - Silly

For a 2 year old my daughter is pretty funny. She is also really clever. We had a fit over clothing. She wanted to leave the house in her pull-up, a cape & a tutu. Nothing else. Of course I would let her do that. So I let her choose her own outfit with a little of my help. She picked out a pretty silly outfit. Originally it was a tutu but I was able to convince her to wear her birthday skirt which has tutu material in it. Can you imagine trying to buckle a tutu in a car seat? lol She looked adorable but really didn't match and I had to take some photos of her. Our photoshoot lasted no longer than 5 minutes. And that included moving out of the street because my cousin came home & Karie of course had to say hi. By the end every picture was Karie rolling her eyes at me so I had to throw one of those photos in! These are also edited with some new actions I got yesterday. Just trying out some new stuff!

Friday, March 12

Easter - Karie

I have decided I need to update my blog more often. As a Stay At Home Mom & a photographer my kids are subjected to many many photoshoots. I hadn't posted many photos of my kids here in the past but started doing it more recently. I figure why not. They are my little models. Most people are doing photoshoots on the weekend right now since the sun sets to early. That leaves my weekdays pretty free & my blog looking sad with not shoots to post. I decided to add more fun. I would add photoshoots of the kids. I am also thinking of adding other shots that I take that I just like. With a new blog layout & a new logo, I might as well change up what I am currently posting in my blog and add more fun things!

So here is my daughters Easter Pictures. She is my favorite little bunny!

Tuesday, March 9

St. Patrick's Day - Coopet Kids

Today seemed to work prefect as a day to shoot the kids St. Patrick's Day photos. They did great & I came out with more photos than I expected to! I am thrilled the way they turned out. My little Irish kids!

Sneak Peak - Isaiah 2 Years Old

Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes...EVER!

McKenna - 2 Years Old

McKenna was the other little peanut that was part of my double shoot on Sunday. Oh boy was she a cutie & gave the funniest faces. She was shy at first but was quick to warm up. She even  held my hand as I lead her to different spots to take her photos. So cute!

Monday, March 8

Hadley - 9 Months

On Sunday I met with Hadley & her family to do her 9 month shoot. This shoot was a double shoot with their friends who blog I will post later. Hadley is a cute little thing with a silly patch of hair on the top of her head.  It was oh so adorable & gave her such charm. The weather was fantastic so we were able to get some shots outside. Oh warm weather how we missed you!

New Look!

As you can see Coopet Photography has a new look! We are starting fresh with a new look! Keep watch for new sessions & summer specials!