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Wednesday, July 28

Summer Mini's

Since Mini sessions have been such a hit with some organizations I have worked with I thought I should put one together myself.

Here is the deal! The cost for the session is $50 & payment is due the day of the session. The date is Saturday, August 28th from 9-3 pm. Depending upon how interested people are, I might open up more time slots. The location will take place at one of my favorite spots, the Mill City Ruins/Guthrie. You get about 20 minutes of shooting time. I will email you your images to download from a private link off the internet & you also get full printing rights to the photos.

Up to 5 people per-session & it is pet friendly so feel free to bring your furry friend(s).

Everything is on a 1st come 1st serve basis & booking is done through my email at kmcoopet@gmail.com Please email me with your top 3 choices of times. I will get to changing the times from open to booked as quickly as I can.

9:00: Booked
9:30: Booked
10:00: Booked
10:30: Booked
11:00: Booked
11:30: Booked
12:00- Lunch break
12:30: Booked
1:00: Booked
1:30: Booked
2:00: Booked
2:30: Booked
3:00: Booked


Tuesday, July 27

Miss Mina - 2 1/2

Miss Mina aka my daughter Karie & I had a photoshoot just for kicks. Mina is my daughters middle name but I find myself quiet often calling her Miss Mina. It just rolls off the tongue so well! haha She just recently got this shirt from her great aunt Kathy. It came with short pants too but good grief it was SO hot out that I just put on instead. I can't believe how big my baby girl is! It is time to start thinking about #3. It is in the back of my mind & I am pretty up in the air. Hubby said he is okay with #3. I always wanted a third but with my job going so great I would really have to plan a baby around wedding season. We'll see. Either way I will take every second to enjoy my kids are they are. They are fun playful & just oh so silly. My son wanted nothing to do with a photoshoot. He really isn't a ham anymore. lol But I will bribe him one day for some more photos!

Jocelyn - 4 years old

I met Miss Shy Jocelyn & her mommy at the Walker Art Center. She was pretty shy at 1st but slowly warmed up into a little ham! Girl was dressed to kill her in Janie & Jack outfits. Gosh I love that store! She was such a little lady & I couldn't get enough of her. She loved watching the ducks & checking out the grounds at the Walker. We also ran into a beauty queen & we got a few pictures of J with her. Future Beauty Queen? We'll see!

Friday, July 16

Medina Mini's

I have been doing a lot of Mini Shoots for different groups lately. I like doing the Mini's. They are fun even though I leave exhausted. Cathy opened up her beautiful home to us to shoot. Her yard is amazing & really a photographers dream if you were shooting families or Seniors. That was a nice treat. Then it was little kids everywhere. And of course little babies. Every single one of these kiddos were amazing. They all had the cutest personalities. Some made silly faces all the time, others liked to explore with me & of course we had a couple of camera hams in there too. It was really fun! Also check out the dude with the missing tooth! He was really excited for me to take a picture of it!

Thursday, July 15

Boobies & Brunch

This was a really fun & unique event! I was asked by my friend Deanna if I would photograph an event she was putting together called "Boobies & Brunch". It was a bunch of nursing moms who all brought an item for brunch. I took each other ladies outside & photographed a nursing session. It was fun to see not only new moms nursing their babies but experienced ones with their toddlers. Kuddos ladies!

Tuesday, July 13

Ben & Mina

Talk about CUTE! Ben & Mina are arguably some of the cutest kids that I have ever photographed. Ben looks like a Gap model with a killer smile & Mina has the biggest brown eyes & sweet little "ness" about her. I call her a little mouse because she is so tiny & quiet. Mama assured me at home Miss Mina is much different. The shoot was a blast but I left dead tired. Ben has more energy then any kid I have ever met & he really made me work for the money but when he smile, I swear angels got their wings. Seriously, he needs to model! Miss Mina would stand there oh so sweetly & just smile her cute mouse smile. I just wanted to eat her up! I rarely get Baby Fever around older kids but I left wanting another baby ASAP! haha I do have to give a shout out to where mama works. Janie & Jack has some of the cutest clothes around!!

Angel, Michael, Aaron & Camille

Is it considered work if you are photographing a good friend & her family? Yea, I didn't think so either. I had blast, even though the heat & sun were killing us, photographing Angel & her family. Not only are they all SO ADORABLE but I leave with a side ache from laughing so much! Aaron is always making the funniest faces, Camille is just the sweetest thing in the world (who I want to steal by the way) and Michael...well, he is just Michael. lol Of course then we have Mama Angel who is turly one awesome chica! They all braved the hot summer weather & produced some great stuff. My personal fave was at the end when we cooled off in the water. Oh so nice!

Natalie - 6 Months

I love Minnesota. I don't think Mother Nature really does. I met with Baby Natalie & her parents on one of the hottest days that I can remember. In fact that entire week was ridiculously hot! They were troopers though & even though there were many stops to wipe off the sweat we made it through. Natalie is another one of those babies that stole my heart instantly. Girl is a chunk & I have a soft spot for them! She made the silliest faces & I was just in awe of how good she did. She was dressed in the cutest clothes so props to mom on that! And Dad...doesn't he look like Dane Cook? OMG! lol

Ally & Kate

Kate is my little chunker butt! Our birthdays are a day apart & I have been photographing her since she was a peanut! I can't believe she is already 1!!! Her mom & I have become pretty good friends so I have been able to see Kate grow more than just at her photoshoots. She is such a doll. She finally has a neck. lol Girl is so chunky that for the longest time you never saw a neck. She is also walking now too!! So awesome! Then there is Miss Ally. She is a spit fire! Girl is 3 going on 16 & I just adore her. Her curly hair just adds to her silly personality! And that girl can talk for days. She is going to need unlimited minutes on her cell phone when she gets bigger! When you get the two girls together they do nothing but make me laugh. Ally loves her sister SO much!!

Tyler - 2

Meet Tyler. OMG is he cute! His blonde hair & cheeks just kill me! We met at one of my favorite locations & had a blast with these guys. Tyler was such a good sport with the whole thing. Not typical for a two year old. His smile just melted my heart. His whole face just lit up & I couldn't help but walk away from this shoot with a big 'ole smile on my face too!