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Monday, February 27

Team Breven!

A few weeks ago I did my Team Breven Mini Sessions to help raise money for Autism. I raise $300 but really wanted to raise more. All the money stays local to help kids & families with Autism. On the day of the Mini's I finally got to meet Breven. I fell in love with him.

How can you not love that face? He is just too cute! After meeting him I knew I wanted to do more to help him & his family. I thought of an idea. How about a raffle of sorts.

For every $10 you donate to Team Breven you will be entered to win a free Mini Session! Once you donate, just email me kmcoopet@gmail.com your conformation email. I will enter your name (once for every $10) in the drawing. All the money goes to a great cause! And you could win a free session (valued at $150) for as little as $10!

This is for new donations. Thank you to everyone who donated before but this is to strictly raise MORE money on top of what they already have! You have utnil Saturday night to donate since the Walk is on Sunday, March 4th.

Here is the link you need to go make a donation. http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Katie-Olsen-Fundraising-For-Steps-Of-Hope-2012


Tuesday, February 21

Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer { The Wyant Kids }

I love love LOVE these kids. I always look forward to seeing them. Normally they are crazy bugs & I leave the shoot sweaty from running around chasing them. This time, I still left kind of sweaty, but they were AMAZING! They actually listened. lol They sat for me & smiled! I am still in shock. lol Of course they ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. They were loud & silly. I wouldn't expect anything less from them. I can't wait to see them again. I already miss their crazy faces!

Monday, February 20

Minneapolis, MN Kid & Family Photographer { The Olsen Family }

A friend of mine from high school, Katie, is married with two kids. Her oldest son, Breven was diagnosed with Autism. It has been a struggle but Katie is an amazing mom & has done fantastic things for B. Each year she participates in a Walk for Autism. When she announced late last year she was doing the walk again in March of 2012 and asked about fundraising ideas I knew I could help. I offered my skills for Mini Sessions which all the money that was raised would go directly to them. I was really hoping to raise a bit more but we can't complain that I raised $300. Hopefully I can raise more for them next year!

After meeting with Katie & talking with her I realized that they haven't had family pictures taken since their youngest was a baby. That is seriously depressing! I know that it can be challenging to do the normal every day stuff for them & pictures are probably not their first priority but it became mine! After I finished the "Team Breven Mini Sessions" I invited Katie & her family to come up for some pictures. I was bound & determined to get a great family picture of them as well as some of just the kids alone. I was really happy with the outcome.

If you want to donate to Team Breven please go here: http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Katie-Olsen-Fundraising-For-Steps-Of-Hope-2012

Their goal was $1,500 and now they are $1,700 so they made a new goal of $2,000! Help them reach their new goal of $2,000 before March 4th! Even $5 helps! In the meantime, check out a few teasers from their shoot!

Minneapolis, MN Engagement Photographer {Carissa & Eliseo }

Minneapolis, MN Engagement Photographer { Katie & Steve }

Minneapolis, MN Kid & Family Photographer { Ben }

I met up with Ben & his family for his one year shoot. Those are always tricky because kids are teething & especially this time of year being cold season it can be hard on little kids. Ben was one of those little kids. Poor dude! He rocked his shot though. We just let him do his own thing, well mostly. If it were up to him he'd just sit around & eat all day. I don't blame him though. When I don't feel good I just want to sit around & eat all day too. He was a trooper though. He did however show his disgust for me as you can see in the second set of pictures. I couldn't help but add it. It makes me laugh! Happy 1st Birthday, Ben!!

I Heart Faces - Hugs & Kisses

When I saw that the new challenge for this week was hugs & kisses I knew I had the perfect photo.

Photo Challenge Submission

This was taken at my most recent styled shoot. Alice in Wonderland was the theme & there were so many amazing pictures. This one is by far my favorite however. When the clients first came to me with the idea of doing an Alice in Wonderland shoot I had this idea in my head. It came out perfect. Just like I imagined. I adore it!

Tuesday, February 14

Mounds View, MN Kids Photographer { Happy Valentine's Day }

At our house we love Valentine's Day. We love any holiday really. Any excuse to celebrate for whatever reason is good enough for me. Unfortunately this year the crud hit our house pretty hard so all the plans we had pretty much went out the window. Yesterday my kiddos & I were finally feeling a bit better so we attempted our 2012 Valentine's pictures. We also needed to do my sons Valentine's for school as well. Being a creative person I didn't want to run out & buy store bought ones so I ran over to Pinterest & found the cutest idea with Lollipops. They were a huge hit. They can be used for just about any holiday & this will not be the last time we do something like this! So armed with a wrinkly backdrop (I was too tired to iron it) and Girl Scout Cookies to bribe me sick kiddos to smile we took some pictures. Karie is very much in love with her big brother Kegan. It is very obvious in these pictures. It is very hard to get pictures of her looking at the camera when he is in pictures with her. She just wants to kiss his cheeks.


Wednesday, February 1

Golden Valley, MN Kids Photographer { Carly & Samantha }

Minneapolis, MN Product Photographer { Addielynn's Bowtique }

Molly from Addielynns Bowtique asked me to photograph some of her beautiful headbands. I was extremely honored since they are really adorable! Of course I jumped on the chanced. I grabbed my daughter & my favorite little model, Matilda, and headed out to take some pictures. These two rocked it! Check out their adorableness & make sure you head over to Addielynn's Bowtique & check out all the cute little girl accessories that she has.