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Thursday, April 22

Spring is in full bloom!

So  it seems that spring, for us Minnesotans, started a little earlier this year. We aren't used to our trees & flowers already being in bloom. That old saying "April Showers, Bring May Flowers" had to have been written by someone from Minnesota. It's normally rainy in April & May is full of bloom. Well, it seems that April is full of bloom & I am loving it. I went to our new house yesterday & was shocked to see what I thought was a crappy over grown bush, was actually a really pretty bush. We planned to take it out since it's on the fence line where our new fence is going, but instead we will just be moving it to another part of the yard. I took a few shots of it yesterday & love this one. I think it might be something I will frame for when we actually are able to move into our completely gutted "new" house!


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