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Monday, April 5

The Coopet Family Easter

Like I said before I would add a little bit of my family to the blog. Just to keep things moving. March was a busy month & April is shaping up to be also. Sunday was Easter & although I normally photograph like mad, I didn't this year. I took it easy but still managed to get a few cute shots!

Family pictures doesn't really exist in our world. lol They are few & far between because my kids don't want to sit still! lol

The hubby took these. This is our 7 year old puppy, Hawk. Our birthdays are a week apart. He was a gift from my husband for my 21st birthday. Back then he was just my boyfriend. hehe Hawk was a rescue dog & we drove 7 hours round trip to get him. He is a pure bred Min Pin. Adorable huh? I am a sucker for this breed. We had another Min Pin too. He was with us for a short 9 months before he passed away of heart failure. I think a blog might be needed to chat about & show off some pictures of our Angel Puppy.


Vibrant Photography said...

You are just the most precious family ever :)

Faith Bowyer said...

I love these! You have such a beautiful family : )

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