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Friday, April 23

Give back, one photograph at a time!

I feel like my community is so good to me! I love Minnesota & the people here are wonderful! I see so much of the "Minnesota Nice" & I want to help & do my part of the Minnesota nice. So we are going to be doing a giveaway to someone very deserving in the community.

Everyone knows someone who is extra special. They go out of their way to no reason to help someone. The high school senior who spends his free time helping his neighbor mow the grass because he has a hard time doing it himself. The lady who reads to the blind every day because she knows they enjoy it. The kids who put set up Lemonade stands just to give their money to someone who needs it more than they do. It brings a tear to my eye thinking that such wonderful people exist. So that is where you guys come in. Write me an email* telling me about this special person that you know. Then I will post their stories & have the community vote for their favorite! That extra special person will win a photoshoot from us as our way of saying Thank You!

Make sure you let the person know you are entering them in the giveaway and that they live in the Twin Cities or plan to travel here! Also make sure you write a great story! We will be accepting stories until the end of May & the winner will be announced in June after all the stories are put up for voting!

Good luck! I can't wait to read about all the wonderful people we have here in Minnesota!

*You can send me an email to kmcoopet@gmail.com or on the Facebook Fan Page


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