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Sunday, April 11

Lilyanne - 1 Year

Little Miss Lilyanne is one years old! Oh my gosh! When I first started this blog, Lilly was my first entry. Little Lilly was 6 months old & she has just gotten cuter! I have been looking forward to this shot. I adore Lily and of course her awesome parents. Lily's mom & I went to High School (and elementary school) together. I saw Lily the day she was born & I love to have been able to watch her grow up! The girl is just adorable! Her little blonde peach fuzz & cheesy smile just melt my heart! She is a totally girly girly but takes a digger like the best of them & proved it when she took a tumble just a few minutes into the session. You would never know with all the smiles & giggles. I just love her!


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