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Tuesday, July 27

Miss Mina - 2 1/2

Miss Mina aka my daughter Karie & I had a photoshoot just for kicks. Mina is my daughters middle name but I find myself quiet often calling her Miss Mina. It just rolls off the tongue so well! haha She just recently got this shirt from her great aunt Kathy. It came with short pants too but good grief it was SO hot out that I just put on instead. I can't believe how big my baby girl is! It is time to start thinking about #3. It is in the back of my mind & I am pretty up in the air. Hubby said he is okay with #3. I always wanted a third but with my job going so great I would really have to plan a baby around wedding season. We'll see. Either way I will take every second to enjoy my kids are they are. They are fun playful & just oh so silly. My son wanted nothing to do with a photoshoot. He really isn't a ham anymore. lol But I will bribe him one day for some more photos!


JudahsMommy said...

She is so pretty!

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