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Tuesday, July 13

Ally & Kate

Kate is my little chunker butt! Our birthdays are a day apart & I have been photographing her since she was a peanut! I can't believe she is already 1!!! Her mom & I have become pretty good friends so I have been able to see Kate grow more than just at her photoshoots. She is such a doll. She finally has a neck. lol Girl is so chunky that for the longest time you never saw a neck. She is also walking now too!! So awesome! Then there is Miss Ally. She is a spit fire! Girl is 3 going on 16 & I just adore her. Her curly hair just adds to her silly personality! And that girl can talk for days. She is going to need unlimited minutes on her cell phone when she gets bigger! When you get the two girls together they do nothing but make me laugh. Ally loves her sister SO much!!


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