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Sunday, March 21

Angel, Michael, Aaron & Camille

This is another shoot I have been waiting for. It doesn't happen very often where I get older kids. It seems lately it a burst of kids under the age of 3 so it's refreshing to get kids who you can pose like little models. lol This family was perfect. Not only are they all beautiful but I laughed so much! They are so funny! We took a bunch of family shots & also took some solos of Camille who just turned 9. I swear she is one of the most beautiful 9 year olds out there. I adore her. She likes to knit & has a snowglobe collection, just like me. CUTE! We can't forget about Aaron. He is the most normal teenage boy I have ever met. He smiled for pictures & was just as nice as can be. He is also in an acapella group! How cool is that?!


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