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Monday, February 27

Team Breven!

A few weeks ago I did my Team Breven Mini Sessions to help raise money for Autism. I raise $300 but really wanted to raise more. All the money stays local to help kids & families with Autism. On the day of the Mini's I finally got to meet Breven. I fell in love with him.

How can you not love that face? He is just too cute! After meeting him I knew I wanted to do more to help him & his family. I thought of an idea. How about a raffle of sorts.

For every $10 you donate to Team Breven you will be entered to win a free Mini Session! Once you donate, just email me kmcoopet@gmail.com your conformation email. I will enter your name (once for every $10) in the drawing. All the money goes to a great cause! And you could win a free session (valued at $150) for as little as $10!

This is for new donations. Thank you to everyone who donated before but this is to strictly raise MORE money on top of what they already have! You have utnil Saturday night to donate since the Walk is on Sunday, March 4th.

Here is the link you need to go make a donation. http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Katie-Olsen-Fundraising-For-Steps-Of-Hope-2012



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