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Tuesday, March 6

I Heart Faces - Black & White

Photo Challenge Submission

This months challenge over at I Heart Faces is "Black & White". I adore black & white images. They are amazing. Black & white images change the entire feel of an image & it is fun to play with that.

If there is one thing you should know about my family is that my kids & myself love mustaches. I am not sure how it started but I adore how the love has developed. Dress up for my son always involves me drawing a mustache on his finger as he runs around the house with it under his nose. On many occasion we have made them out of construction paper & shish kabob sticks.

Originally for this challenge I wanted to do something deep & meaningful with my black & white image but I kept coming back to this image.

It is so simple but it just makes me laugh. My little 4 is pretending to be a mad guy with a mustache but she just look so cute. I love her little scrunchie face. I could just eat her up. Then of course the mustache. The silly little thing that has created many many hours of fun in our house.

So put on a fake mustache & smile. :)


Rebecca said...

Adorable shot! I love it. I have been dying to try these cut out mustaches. Great lighting too.

Julie Muchlinski said...

That is so cute! Love how clean it looks.

Heather Messerli said...

such an adorable photo.. love it.. she is so darn cute and love the mustache!

Anonymous said...

Love this shot! She makes a cute "mad guy"!!

Sophi Belle said...

Haha, so cute! ♥

Tracy said...

This is wonderful! I may have to whip up some moustaches for our house. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it!

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