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Thursday, September 9

My Brothers!

Something you may not know about me is that I have 3 brothers. 2 of which are "babies", at least to me! Tyler was born my Junior year of High School & Wyatt was born when I was in college. Both of them are now in Elementary school which freaks me out & makes me feel old! HA! Well, over the weekend I took my fam over to my dads house for dinner. Brought my gear along & did a little shoot with the boys. Surprisingly this was my 1st actual shoot with them. I have done random pictures but nothing so "formal" as I guess you could call it. My littlest brother Wyatt is a quiet little guy who gives just the tiniest little smirks. I know once he hits High School he will be chasing women away with a stick. He is one handsome little guy. My middle brother is Tyler. He pretty much made me laugh the entire shoot because he would make the oddest faces when he would smile! This was also his 1st faux hawk & it rocked! At the end I had to throw my little ones in there too! One day I want to get our oldest brother in there (who is still younger than me) so we can have a siblings picture!!


Erin Hirji-Walji said...

I LOVE that you have little brothers! Thats so cool :)

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