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Wednesday, November 17

Caleb - 5 Days Old

Caleb's mom, Betsy, and her husband were past clients of mine. I met them when they booked a summer mini session. She is also friends with Erin, see post below, so that is always a treat! Caleb was born early, but born big! 9 pounds 2 ounces! Go mama! He is cute as can be! A little chunk with the silliest cry ever! He sounds, I kid you not, just like a dinosaur! So cute! At first he wasn't really having it. He proceeded to pee all over my backdrop. lol But us photogs are smart. We always bring back ups...times 3! Eventually, after getting him fat and happy, he was play dough in our hands! Such a cutie! I really wanted to just take him home but Betsy wouldn't let me. Darn! lol


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