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Tuesday, November 2

Ben & Mina - Happy 100th Post

Not only am I posting images from a shoot with some of my favorite kids, but this is also my 100th blog post!!! Yay!

This is my 3rd shoot with Ben & Mina. The 1st was over the summer, then it was a session from the fall minis then this shoot. It was booked last minute because relatives came in town & they wanted Christmas card photos. I was happy to do it of course! I adore Ben & Mina. Mina was my BFF. She held my hand as we walked around & sat on my lap for about 15 minutes at the end of the shoot playing kids games on my iPhone while we waited for Daddy & Ben to come come. Ben on the other hand, was not my friend today. He was shy...very shy. But, you can't tell in the photos because that kid can turn on the cheese like it's his job! I want to eat these kids up! Soooo cute!!!!


Sarah said...

Love, love, love!!! Thanks so much!

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