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Thursday, December 23

Minneapolis, MN Family Photographer { Anna, Kenny & Trey }

I have known Kenny for just about my entire life. When we were little we used to get into a lot of trouble. The one thing that always comes to mind is when we set the carpet on fire at my moms house & tried to hide it with Legos. Ooops! Well, now he is all grown up with a baby on the way & a fiance. It's hard to imagine him in this roll because even though I am all grown up myself, I still picture Kenny as a little kid. He may be an adult now, but he is still the same "kid" I remember! Can't wait to photograph their wedding in March & meet that sweet little baby girl! Anna is just GLOWING!!! She is one hot pregnant mama! And we can't forget out little man Trey!  He is so adorable & is going to make a great big brother!


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