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Tuesday, August 7

I Heart Faces - Pet Faces

Anyone who knows me, knows my LOVE of animals. Specifically my love of dogs. We started with one and now have 3. If my house were any bigger I would for sure get one more. I have a soft spot for dogs with a story and even more for rescue dogs. I would never buy a dog from a breeder. I always say that a dog from a rescue will love you more because you took them when no one wanted them. All 3 of my dogs are rescues.

So when I head that I Heart Faces was doing a Pet Faces Challenge I KNEW this was for me!

Photo Challenge Submission

Our newest rescue is our 4 month old puppy, Zoey. We had no intentions of getting a 3rd dog since our lives were crazy at the time. But I was text a picture of Zoey's brother & I couldn't resist. So we took a trip to visit the clan. They were being fostered by a friend of a friend through Midwest Animal Rescue Services. I really wanted a girl dog since our others were boys. I feel in love with all of them. Then I heard about Zoey. She wasn't there with the other 7 puppies. See, Zoey was the runt & was pushed aside. She wasn't eating from her mama and her outlook looked grim. She was taken away & given to another Foster. She was feed with a syringe and took to another dog who just had puppies. Amber became her surrogest mama and even though she was a lot smaller than the other puppies Zoey was a little spitfire & was able to hold her own.

I knew I wanted her. She needed to be apart of our family. Both our other dogs had stories. Hawk we rescued from a farm on the Minnesota/South Dakota boarder and Kooper we rescued from the Humane Society after someone gave him up because they lost their house.

A few weeks later we met Zoey and knew right then & there she was perfect for us. We took her home that day & the rest has been history. She is a fantastic dog with a lot of spirit and a lot of love to give. She has SO much personality. I love that she is super food motivated as well because it makes me taking pictures of her so easy! The girl will do ANYTHING for a treat. So, I took her out for a photoshoot & got so many great photos. It was the last photo of the day however that I am madly in love with. It shows just how sweet she is. My little girl with a big smile!


capturedbymgl said...

i love the lighting, that dog is too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetie! And Zoey is a pretty cool name. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww...I love it! Totally loving the light :)

Jenni said...

Great picture!!! and cute pup:)

Alisa Hayes said...

What a cutie...great picture!!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Zoe is adorable and so lucky to have found her forever home with you! I posted a picture of a dog from my local humane society. If we had a bigger house I'd definitely get another dog!

stepko said...

Such a beautiful story of Zoey and how lucky she can be to have a great home now!
The photo of her is really amazing!! Love the idea with the heart and the bokeh is so amazing!! And I love your low point of view!! So great and super cute!!!
Have a nice weekend!!

Jess said...

Love this!

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