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Wednesday, October 5

Minneapolis, MN Family & Engagement Photographer { The Soon to be Boyer Family }

I got an email from Joel the day before their photoshoot that said when I got a chance to call him about the shoot. I got the email while working next to my husband. I said to him "I bet Joel is going to propose." Sure enough that is what the phone call was about! I was so excited & honored that I was asked to do this. I have never been apart of an engagement before & I have always dreamed to be able to photograph one! It is just about the sweetest thing ever!

Audrey had no idea that this was going to happen tomorrow. She went into the shooting thinking it was a simple family shoot. It wasn't. We had code words for the perfect time. We wanted the lighting & everything to be just perfect. So when it was I said "The lighting here is so pretty!" and Joel knew this area was perfect.

Of course Audrey said yes. She was shocked & it was so cute! She kept saying "I can't believe this!" I really expected for tears from the girl but she held her composure really really well! We can't forget their 3 month old Cole & their dog Molly who were there too to join in on all the fun!

Congrats you two!!! I can't wait for the wedding!!


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