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Thursday, September 29

Circle Pines, MN Kid Photographer { Allison }

Back in mid July I did baby Allison's newborn pictures. Her mom, my cousin, was in town. They live in TN because her husband is in the Military. They were lucky enough to get some time to come up & visit then. This time it was just Mom & Allison. They are only here for a week & I knew that I had to get some pictures because the next time I see them, won't be until Christmas. We were lucky enough to have some decent weather the ONE day we picked. The days before it was raining & the days after it has been so windy that I am sure Allison would have blown away. I can't believe Allison is already 3 months old! I also kind of forgot the funny faces that babies this age make. She was so interested in everything outside. It was adorable. I also think that the last picture is my favorite. Smashed baby faces are the cutest things!!! I can't wait to see what she looks like in another 3 months at Christmas time. That shoot is going to be extra fun!


Whitney Ellen said...

What a beauty!!!

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