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Thursday, May 12

Circle Pines, MN Maternity Photographer { Katie & Baby Allison }

3 years ago I shot my first solo wedding & it was for my cousin Katie. We are about a month & a half apart in age & grew up together, right next door to each other at that! As kids were did a lot together. On our first day of Kindergarten we never got off at our stop & ended up back at the bus station. It wasn't until our bus driver went to clean the bus did he find us. lol We celebrated birthdays together, went to Drives ED together & graduated together. Now, all these years later, Katie is pregnant with her first baby, a girl, who they are naming Allison. Katie is in town for a week from Alabama where she lives with her husband who is in the Military. I wanted to make sure that before she left we did a Maternity shoot. The only pictures any of us have really seen were pictures from a cell phone. I couldn't stand for that. So this morning we ventured in the woods along the trails we played on as kids. With her sister (and my kids) in tow off we went with only a few little sprinkles of rain. About 4 blocks from home we turned around to hear this sound only to see sheets of rain coming at us. The 5 of us ran across the street to some trees to take cover. Hoping it would stopped, or at least slow down, we waited for a few minutes. No such luck. So we ran back in the pouring rain laughing the entire time. Everyone was soaked from head to toe but hey, it is a really funny story to tell! Another one to add to the books! Congrats Katie! I can't wait to meet Baby Allison!


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