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Sunday, February 20

Minneapolis, MN Tween Photographer { Cam is 10! }

If you are really lucky, you will find that one friend that once you meet them, you know you will be friends for life. A friend that likes the same things as you, laughs at the same silly stuff that you do...someone that just gets you. I was lucky enough to meet this person. I have many friends, but there is no one like Angel. Her name says it all, she is an Angel. This weekend wasn't a good one for me. This very special Angel, saved me and me happy. My very amazing friend Angel, has a very amazing daughter, Cam. She is bright, bubbly & I dare you to find anyone sweeter than her. Just us girls ventured off this VERY snowy day to the Walker Art Center for Cam's 10 year pictures! Cam is having a birthday party next month & it's going to be a PJ party so we brought some props & put Cam in her jams for pictures for her invite. Can't lie, I am really excited for her party. Angel & I (along with my daughter) are doing a sleep over & I am doing a photo station at the party. How fun right?! The shoot was a blast. We laughed so much & at every other photo, Angel would squeal because she loves photography just as much as I do and was loving these images. I couldn't WAIT to get started on them. I am having the hardest time picking my favorites! I really wanted to post ALL the pictures!


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